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Tear Trough Filler Treatment at Harley Street Filler Specialists London

Posted on June 11, 2021

When you look in the mirror, are you completely happy with how you look? If not, a tear trough filler treatment can help you.

If you’re happy, then consider yourself lucky. Around 35% of women and 31% of men in the UK aren’t fully satisfied with their appearance.

One of the most commonly affected areas of the face is the undereye. The area encompassing it is medically referred to as the tear trough.

To fully understand how a tear trough filler treatment goes, you must know what a tear trough is.

Male eyes, before and after Tear Trough Filler Treatment, front view patient 1

Patient A before and after tear trough filler treatment

What is a tear trough?

Simply put, the tear trough is the crease between your upper cheek and lower eyelid.

As you get older, your tear trough becomes more evident. It looks sunken. Sometimes, puffiness may occur.

Due to these, your face looks permanently tired and worn out. As a result, you look older than your real age.

In addition, dark circles form due to the natural aging process, genetics, certain lifestyle factors, or medical conditions.

Thus, your tear trough has to be treated in order for you to have a more vibrant and youthful look.

What is a tear trough filler treatment?

At Harley Street Filler Specialists London, we offer a wide range of both non-surgical and surgical anti-aging procedures. One of these procedures is the tear trough filler treatment.

This treatment is carefully planned. We also make sure that you’re aware of all suitable options so you can make an informed decision about what you want to do with your tear trough. It’s our mission to create a safe and fully regulated clinical environment for you.

Tear trough filler treatment is an increasingly popular non-surgical treatment procedure for dark circles and undereye issues.

Since dermal fillers are sought by many patients, medically qualified doctors & aesthetic professionals, including the team at Harley Street Filler Specialists London, train for it.

Our medical team Harley Street Filler Specialists London is composed of highly talented experts at administering the tear trough filler treatment.

It takes a lot of skill and expertise to successfully do a tear trough filler treatment. It’s because the skin under the eye is only 1mm thick. Thus, precision and a feather-light touch is needed to produce the best possible results.
We have also researched the best products on the market for tear trough filler treatment (not all dermal fillers are alike!). I ensure you that my team and I follow the highest standards.

Plus, all team members went under extensive training and further education. Thus, we are fully up-to-date with the latest and most rewarding techniques. We aim to achieve the outstanding results you love.

Female eye, before and after Tear Trough Filler treatment, oblique view, patient 2  

Source: Harley Street Filler Specialists London
Patient B before and after tear trough fller treatment

What happens during a tear trough filler treatment at Harley Street Filler Specialists London?

Source: Harley Street Filler Specialists London

We refer to the Phi Golden Ratio when conducting the tear trough filler treatment.

The Phi Golden Ratio is a mathematical equation that refers to many beautiful things in nature. This concept helps balance the features of the face for a natural, proportionate result.

Furthermore, we only use FDA-approved, gold standard dermal fillers, and the cannula technique. It’s because the cannula technique causes minimal pain and reduces bruising.

Before you undergo any non-surgical treatment here at Harley Street Filler Specialists London, you must attend an initial consultation.

This meeting will help us discover what’s bothering you about your looks. We’ll check your medical history and answer any questions that you may have about tear trough filler treatment. We do these to ensure that the treatment is suitable for you

During the tear trough filler treatment, your skin will be thoroughly cleaned and sterilised. A small amount of topical anaesthetic will then be applied to the areas where the cannula will be inserted.

This takes up to 30 minutes to take effect, so it’s worth factoring in this time when you make your appointment.

Once you are fully comfortable, your practitioner will begin the treatment. A cannula will be inserted into your problem area.

In case you don’t know it yet, a cannula is a blunt-ended tool. I discovered that it’s more fitting to use during a tear trough filler treatment.

It’s because the cannula glides past blood vessels and veins. It works unlike a traditional needle, which can pierce them and cause extensive bruising.

Once the cannula is in place, a small amount of specifically-chosen dermal filler will be administered.

After this, your practitioner may lightly smooth over the area with their fingers. This is done to ensure an even and natural look.

Once both tear troughs have been treated with the exact amount of filler, you will be given some aftercare advice including these.

  • Not rubbing or touching the area for at least 24 hours.
  • Not sleeping on your side for 3 days.
  • Avoiding hot baths, saunas, steam rooms, strenuous exercise, and excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Avoiding makeup for 12 hours (a light mineral makeup can be used if necessary)

How soon can I see the results of a tear trough filler treatment?

You should see the results of your tear trough filler treatment right away. However, in the weeks that follow, you’ll experience further improvements in your skin tone, texture, and quality.

This is because the hyaluronic acid (HA) in dermal fillers helps nourish and hydrate your skin cells. Some collagen production may also happen.

After two weeks, you can return to the clinic for a post-treatment checkup. If you and your practitioner feel that more product is needed, you can have more injected.

Your doctor will always take a conservative approach with dermal fillers. This is because one can always ‘add’ but cannot easily ‘take away’.

Results can last for up to 2 years. Thus, a tear trough filler treatment is incredibly cost-effective. It also means that you won’t have to return to the clinic every 3 to 4 months.

Optimum results, however, depend on how you take care of your skin and general health.
If you smoke, spend hours in the sun, don’t eat well, and don’t drink enough water, your skin will not be resilient.

Having a tear trough filler treatment can produce amazing results, but your overall approach to maintaining a good skincare regime and healthy lifestyle will be the difference between a good result and an outstanding one.

Book a consultation at Harley Street Filler Specialists London now!

During the consultation, we’ll ask you to discuss all of your face-related concerns in detail.

We highly encourage you to book a consultation with us. We’ll give you the best advice, including whether you should get a non-surgical tear trough treatment or not.

Contact us today to book a no-obligation consultation. You can check out Harley Street Filler Specialists London on Instagram and Facebook as well. See you at Harley Street Filler Specialists London soon!

Dr. Julian De Silva, Medical Director

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