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Signature laser resurfacing

Dr. De Silva’s signature laser resurfacing technique combines the latest high-tech laser machines with Bio-Therapy to enhance recovery and results for natural-looking results.

How does Dr. De Silva’s approach to laser resurfacing differ from the traditional laser?

Dr. De Silva imported a state-of-the-art Combined CO2 and Erbium laser from the USA, which works to tighten skin on two separate levels. The CO2 laser targets tightening the deep layers of the skin and the erbium laser targets tightening the superficial layers. Depending on your ethnicity and degree of skin quality the settings are adjusted to ensure maximal tightening with reduced recovery time.

Dr. De Silva utilises new biotherapy treatment to improve your recovery after treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is at the forefront of new medical and surgical treatments and many professional sports stars have utilized this technology to enhance their recovery following injuries by natural stimulation of the body’s self-repairing mechanisms. PRP utilises your body’s natural reparative mechanisms to trigger faster recovery after surgery and enhance specific treatment results. PRP involves taking a relatively small volume of blood from a vein in your arm, utilising a high-tech machine to concentrate the PRP (growth factors) in your blood, then reintroducing the PRP into the areas of the face that have been treated with the laser to boost healing and recovery with your own growth factors. See this link for further information on PRP Technology. In addition we use a ‘Micro-Needling’ device to insert the PRP therapy into the skin.


Laser resurfacing of the skin can be uncomfortable with local and topical anaesthesia alone, as most of the sensory nerves of the skin are located superficially where the CO2 laser tightens skin. For some patients Dr De Silva provides sedation anaesthesia, this results in the laser treatment being both a comfortable and relaxing experience. See this link for further information on Sedation Anaesthesia.

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