Cheek Fillers: Before and After

Posted on September 16, 2021

Cheek fillers can help you solve your cheek-related problems.

Do low cheeks bother you? Are you tired of having barely visible cheekbones? Taking a look at before and after photos of cheek fillers can help.

But what exactly are cheek fillers? How does the procedure usually happen? Are there any cheek fillers before and after photos you can look at?

In this article, we’ll talk about cheek fillers, why people get them, and how the treatment goes. I will also show you cheek fillers before and after photos so you can see how the treatment can help you.

What Are Cheek Fillers?

As its name implies, cheek fillers are dermal fillers injected into your cheeks. Cheek fillers have one main goal: to define barely visible cheekbones.

In particular, cheek fillers give the area around your cheekbones more volume. This creates the illusion of more defined cheekbones. Cheek fillers also smooth out irregularities such as wrinkles and fine lines.

By doing this, you won’t need to contour your cheekbones using makeup. Your confidence will skyrocket. On top of that, everyone will notice your attractive cheekbones.

The most common fillers — lip fillers and tear trough fillers — are made of hyaluronic acid.

Cheek fillers (aka cheekbone fillers) are no different. Hyaluronic acid enhances low-volume areas, including your cheeks. If the term sounds familiar, you probably own a skincare product containing hyaluronic acid.

Cosmetic practitioners safely use hyaluronic acid because the human body produces it. Hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body, so it boasts low chances for complications.

Interestingly, hyaluronic acid attracts water. It also holds water up to 1,000 times its own weight. Due to this, hyaluronic acid becomes the perfect substance for cheek fillers.

Cheek fillers are made of hyaluronic acid.

Cheek fillers are made of hyaluronic acid.

Issues Cheek Fillers Can Solve

Issues Cheek Fillers Can Solve

A cheek filler treatment helps you deal with many issues. Here are the issues a cheek filler treatment can solve:

1. Fine lines

As its name suggests, fine lines look shallow. They do not go deep into your skin. This gives them a fine appearance.

Fine lines are usually found around the mouth and eyes. They form on the cheeks and forehead as well.

If you have fine lines on your cheeks, a cheek filler treatment can help. By filling your skin, cheek fillers smooth out your fine lines.

2. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are the worse version of fine lines. They go deep into your skin. This gives them a deep, noticeable appearance.

Just like fine lines, wrinkles are usually found around the mouth and eyes. They also commonly form on the cheeks and forehead.

If you suffer from wrinkles on your cheeks, a cheek filler treatment can help. By filling your skin, this treatment smooths out those deep-seated wrinkles.

3. Volume Loss

As you age, certain parts of your face lose their volume, including your cheeks.

This happens because your skin loses its ability to hold up itself. It also loses its ability to bounce back over time. In addition, the structure that supports your skin deteriorates.

Since ageing is a natural process, you cannot stop it. However, there are things you can do to fight its signs, including volume loss.

A cheek filler treatment that helps you fight volume loss. By filling your skin, cheek fillers add volume to your cheeks. They also restore certain areas that lose fat as you age.

4. Undefined Cheekbones

Defined cheekbones make anyone look attractive. They have been sought by celebrities, influencers, and makeup gurus. Unfortunately, not everyone has defined cheekbones.

Ageing also causes undefined cheekbones. As you age, the contours of your face change. As a result, your cheekbones become less prominent.

If you suffer from undefined cheekbones, a cheek filler treatment can help you. By increasing the volume above your cheeks, cheek fillers contours your cheekbones. They become more defined.

5. Asymmetrical Face

Many factors can cause an asymmetrical face. These include genetics, ageing, smoking, sun damage, and illnesses such as stroke.

While some of these factors (e.g sun damage and smoking) can be avoided, most of them cannot be. If you suffer from an asymmetrical face due to ageing, genetics, or illnesses, a cheek filler treatment can help you.

In particular, a cheek filler treatment can change the shape of your face. Cheekbone fillers are also flexible. Hence, they can be shaped according to your needs.

Why People Choose Cheek Fillers Over Surgery

Cheek filler and cheek implant treatments are both excellent ways to solve your cheek-related problems. However, some people prefer cheekbone filler treatments for some reasons:

1. A cheek filler treatment is less risky.

Cheekbone fillers are administered through injections. Hence, people prefer this non-surgical treatment.

Since cheek filler treatment is non-surgical, patients are exposed to less risk. Unlike surgery, non-surgical cosmetic treatments involve a few risks.

To ensure your safety, work with the top skin clinics in London. Contact skilled doctors with extensive experience. By doing these, you will avoid many problems along the way.

Many patients choose cheek filler treatments because they are quick and less risky.

Many patients choose cheek filler treatments because they are quick and less risky.

2. Cheek fillers require a short downtime.

Another reason why patients choose cheek fillers over surgery is the downtime. Unlike surgery, a cheek filler treatment requires a short downtime.

My patients go back to work or school the day after the treatment. Hence, you can resume your day-to-day activities a day after the treatment.

However, you need to avoid intense activities right after the treatment. Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions as well.

3. A cheekbone filler treatment is more affordable.

While the cost of cheek fillers varies by location, clinic, and goal, they are more affordable than surgery.

In the UK, one mL of cheek fillers costs around £250 to £500. Some patients need more than one mL, so make sure to consult a doctor before proceeding.

If you want to know how much your cheek enhancement will cost, contact us for a consultation.

4. Cheek fillers give almost the same set of effects as surgery does.

As I mentioned, non-surgical and surgical are both effective ways to improve your cheeks.

Contrary to popular belief, non-surgical cheek treatment is just as effective in helping you achieve your aesthetic goals. Just like surgery, it helps you deal with the signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss, and undefined cheekbones.

5. A cheek filler treatment is quick.

Unlike surgery, a cheek treatment does not take long to complete.

While the treatment varies according to the area treated, it generally lasts for 20 minutes to 45 minutes. On the contrary, cheek implant surgery lasts for an hour or more.

Since the procedure is quick and requires a short downtime, it is ideal for those who want to save time.

You must know what occurs before and after cheek fillers.

Cheek Fillers Before and After: A Complete Walk-Through

I created this section so you know what happens before and after cheek fillers.

Before Having Cheek Fillers

Before the procedure, you need a consultation. During the consultation, we will talk about your current condition and medical history. If you are an ideal candidate, I will explain the procedure. I might also suggest other complementary procedures depending on your goals.

After that, we will discuss pricing. If you want to go through with the treatment, we’ll set your appointment.

You need a consultation before having cheek fillers.

You need a consultation before having cheek fillers.

After applying topical anaesthesia, cheek fillers are injected into your skin.

During Cheek Filler Treatment

First of all, our team will clean your face. Then, we will apply high-end topical anaesthesia so you won’t get hurt.

Next, the cheek fillers will be inserted into your skin. You will get the right amount of fillers needed.

Immediately after the injections, you can see some of the results. The results of the fillers can last between 12 to 18 months.

After Having Cheek Fillers

Just like any procedure, you have to take care of yourself after the treatment.

During the first few days after the procedure, avoid putting pressure on your cheeks. Sleep with your face up.

You also have to avoid intense activities until the filler has completely settled. This takes about two days after the treatment.

You must follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions after the cheek filler treatment.

You must follow your doctor’s aftercare instructions after the cheek filler treatment.


Here’s what my patients said about their experience with me:

“The procedure that I had with Dr De Silva went very well and I am happy with the results. Dr De Silva and his team spent a lot of time with me: they were good listeners and their answers gave me a lot of reassurance. The procedure itself was relatively pain-free. I recommend Dr De Silva highly.”

Source: Real Self

“I always felt well looked after and I’m very happy with the results. The entire experience was premium from initial consultation to follow-ups. I would recommend paying more to be confident in the safety of your procedure.”

Source: Real Self

Cheek Fillers Before and After Photo

Facial Fillers Before and After (Patient 2): This patient suffered from facial volume loss. After the procedure, her facial volume was restored.


Dermal Filler Before and After (Patient 3): This patient suffered from signs of aging such as sagginess and deteriorating skin quality. After the treatment, her skin improved. She looked refreshed and more youthful as well.



Cheek fillers have been trusted by millions of patients worldwide. From actors to models, cheek fillers helped many gain more confidence.

If you are interested in a cheekbone filler treatment, get in touch with us now!

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