Fat grafting with nano fat stem cell technology

Stem cell technology proposes to be the largest breakthrough in modern medicine in the modern era, the principle being to use your own body’s natural reparative and healing mechanisms to improve the function of a part of your body.

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What Is Stem Cell Technology?

Stem cells are unique in the body as they have the potential to develop into many different cell types in the body during early life and growth. Stem cells serve as an internal repair system, dividing without limit to replenish and repair other cells and body tissues.

The treatment of facial ageing in the future may be driven by triggering natural reparative mechanisms in the body that are able to regenerate and repair themselves. This is the basis of stem-cell-based therapy and regenerative medicine.

At present our understanding of stem cell technology is limited and there is ongoing cutting edge scientific research to evaluate treatments. Our team uses stem cell technology to enhance facial cosmetic and plastic surgery in specific circumstances.

The use of the latest Stem Cell Technology means triggering natural regenerative healing, enhancing natural surgical results and reducing downtime with enhanced healing.

What is the Nano Fat Technique?

Nano fat is a new technique in fat grafting, which enables the treatment of fine lines and imperfections within thinning skin associated with ageing. With facial ageing there are often increased fine lines and indentations in the surface of the skin, these are often challenging to treat with conventional surgery.

Nano Fat offers a new advance in the treatment of these lines, enabling treatment of the skin with the Nano Fat to smoothen out lines and skin imperfections and some scars. The technique involves taking your own fat and treating the fat through a series of filters and high-tech devices to provide a very fine Nano Fat material that can be used to treat fine lines in your skin.

The Nano Fat material contains a “stromal vascular fraction”, which includes stem cells, growth factors and other regenerative material that can be used to improve fine imperfections in the skin.

These before and after photographs show a patient who underwent combination treatment with Nano Fat and fat transfer technology. The results show a natural rejuvenation with improvement in skin quality and fewer fine lines and irregularities around her mouth.

Our team has pioneered the use of this technology to improve the results of facial surgery. We use Nano Fat in combination with fat transfer and facial ageing surgery, commonly facelift surgery and laser skin resurfacing.

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What are the Benefits of Nano Fat?

  • Nano Fat can be used in patients for a superficial fat replacement to restore thinning skin to a more youthful condition.
  • From research studies, stromal vascular fraction and Nano Fat has been found to reverse some of the architectural changes in elastin and collagen found in ageing.
  • Nano Fat has been shown to improve hair growth in men and women with thinning in the early stages of alopecia (baldness) as well as to improve the appearance of scars and heal certain wounds.
  • The underlying cause of these changes has been suggested to be caused by an increase in the blood supply to the tissues.

Our team of expertly trained aestheticians utilise Nano Fat in combination with other facial rejuvenation treatments. It is important to note that this treatment is a new innovation and is dependent on your own quality of fat and underlying cells for the result.

In other words, all treatments are focused on an improvement and no result can be guaranteed. Common applications of Nano Fat are used to improve:

  • Fine lines and rhytids in the skin, forehead rejuvenation, vertical lines around the lips (perioral rhytids, sometimes termed smokers lines)
  • Sun damage, including thinning of the skin
  • Treatment of some scars, depending on depth and severity

We often complete Nano Fat treatments in combination with other treatments to enhance the results, facelift and neck lift surgery, fat transfer and laser skin resurfacing

For Further information on Nano Fat & Stem Cell Technology

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Dr. Julian De Silva, Medical Director

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Dr Julian De Silva is a leading facial plastic surgeon that specialises only in surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. Dr De Silva has considerable experience in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery from fellowships in London, Los Angeles, and New York. He is one of a handful of elite surgeons to be recognised with British, European and American qualifications, memberships and board certification.

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