Defining the jawline with dermal fillers

Posted on July 22, 2020

defining the jawline with dermal fillers

As we start to get older, the jawline can be one of the most prominent features to show the signs of advancing facial ageing. As the skin becomes less taught and toned, it starts to sag; forming jowls, which can age the face and change its shape. Historically, the shape of the face most attractive for a women is a V shape and if the jawline is not defined, it can change to more of a square definition. Not the most feminine look for a woman. Loose skin can also affect the look of a man’s facial definition and a defined, smooth and sculpted jawline is preferential for a youthful look for both men and women. At The Harley Street Face Clinic in the heart of London’s west end, led by Dr Julian De Silva, we offer non-surgical jawline injections using dermal fillers to define, sculpt and rejuvenate the jawline, to increase your confidence and enhance your vitality. We have a customised technique that uses two different type of filler to enhance the jawline chin, using a calcium based filler we are able to improve shape and simulate bone unlike softer fillers. At The Centre we are also able to advise on long-term solutions such as a chin implant that require no ongoing maintenance.

Our medical aesthetic team are highly experienced medical cosmetic practitioners and we specialise in non-surgical jawline contouring using temporary dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid (HA) to help to support the facial anatomy and lift areas that need support. Using specific techniques and highly-regulated, clinically-proven dermal filler products, we can sculpt, tone and define your jawline as well as correct any issues around the neckline. Even if you are not experiencing the signs of ageing but perhaps have a weak chin or lesser defined Jawline, this treatment could help to re-shape your lower face and offer you a more pleasing facial profile.

Why use a medical doctor for dermal fillers?

Some non-medics are professing to possess the necessary training and skills to deliver injectable dermal fillers and this can be a rocky road when it comes to safety and efficacy of treatment. Non-medics do not have the necessary knowledge and skills to handle any unforeseen circumstances. Many do not understand the intricacies of the facial anatomy, skin, tissues, veins, vessels and nerves and this can be a slippery slope to complications and unwanted outcomes. In order to deliver the best treatment using dermal fillers, it takes a highly-skilled medical professional, proficient in the most modern and effective techniques but who also possesses an artistic flare and keen eye for rebalancing the facial contours. It also takes years of experience to administer dermal fillers correctly and safely. At The Harley Street Face Clinic we only enlist the skills of practitioners who have had extensive experience in this speciality, so that you receive the safest, most effective treatment possible.

Non-surgical treatment performed by Dr Julian De Silva

Am I suitable for a jawline enhancement using dermal fillers?

Before you have any non-surgical treatment here at The Harley Street Face Clinic, we will request that you attend a no obligation consultation, so that we can discuss with you at length, your concerns, your expectations and goals, as well as your overall health and medical history. This meeting is important for both you and your practitioner and will enable you to make an informed and educated choice about whether to go ahead with this treatment.

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What happens during the treatment?

During your jawline contouring treatment you will be offered a topical anaesthetic. You’ll probably then be asked to wait for around 30 minutes, for the numbing cream to take effect. After which, the practitioner will use a cannula, a blunt rounded head needle, to inject the dermal filler in to specific areas of your jawline. Cannulas are more commonly used for dermal filler treatments in the face, as they slide past veins and vessels and minimise bruising. You might feel some pulling and tugging with a cannula, but as a numbing cream is used beforehand this should not prove too uncomfortable. Your practitioner will then massage, mould and shape the product for the most natural and effective look.

You’ll see the results of your jawline treatment immediately, as the dermal filler will physically lift and sculpt the area. However, optimum results will appear after any mild swelling or bruising has subsided and the HA has started to augment the tissues, plump and hydrate the skin and to settle and soften. As the products we use here at The Harley Street Face Clinic are well known, superior-grade and of the highest purity, you could experience results lasting anything up to 2 years.

If you feel that your jawline and lower face is not as you might like and would like to redefine your jawline in a non-surgical way, contact our team here at The Harley Street Face Clinic to make your initial appointment.

Dr. Julian De Silva, Medical Director

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Dr Julian De Silva is a leading facial plastic surgeon that specialises only in surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. Dr. De Silva has considerable experience in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery from fellowships in London, Los Angeles, and New York. He is one of a handful of elite surgeons to be recognised with British, European and American qualifications, memberships and board certification.

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