Jawline Fillers: How Do I Know It’s Right for Me?

Posted on November 11, 2021

Jawline filler procedures have been popular mainly because they do not involve surgery.

For over a decade now, people have been wanting to define certain facial features. Among these features is the jawline. This gave rise to jawline filler, a type of dermal filler.

Nowadays, people collectively see defined jawlines as attractive. From celebrities to social media influencers, we often find ourselves scrolling through side-angled pictures on social media.

As these photos showcase well-defined jawlines, more and more people want to have the same feature.

But how exactly do you achieve that well-defined jawline? Is there a way to do it without going under the knife?

In this article, I will talk about what a jawline filler is, how it works, and what issues it can solve. I will also tell you how long jawline fillers last.

What Are Jawline Fillers?

Jawline fillers are a kind of dermal filler. As its name implies, jawline fillers are injected into the skin. By doing this, they fill and improve your skin. As a result, your jawline becomes more prominent.

Aside from its most popular jaw-enhancing use, cosmetic doctors also use jawline fillers to change the shape of the jaw.

Just like any other filler, jawline fillers are gel-like substances usually made of hyaluronic acid (HA).

Hyaluronic acid is known for its water-retaining capability, so it effectively hydrates your skin. In addition, hyaluronic acid has anti-ageing effects. Plump and hydrated skin reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

As promising as they sound, not all chin & jawline fillers are created equal. Some are better than others in terms of quality, safety, and longevity. Hence, you have to make sure that the clinic you’re working with uses high-quality fillers.

We use nothing but the best fillers for our chin & jawline enhancement procedures. At The Harley Street Filler Specialists London, we use fillers made of hyaluronic acid and calcium.

In my more than 20 years in the cosmetic field, I discovered that this is the best formula for jawline fillers. Hyaluronic acid boosts collagen levels while calcium stimulates bone definition. Since collagen and bone definition are crucial to jaw enhancement, a filler containing the said substances work wonders.

With the two substances working together, my patients’ jawlines become smoother and more defined.

Cosmetic practitioners inject jawline fillers into your skin to fill it.

Jawline fillers work by filling your skin and giving it a boost of hyaluronic acid.

Cosmetic practitioners typically use jawline fillers for aesthetic purposes. The said fillers are specially made to contour and add volume to one’s jawline. As a bonus, jawline fillers also revitalise the skin.

Made of hyaluronic acid, a substance that naturally exists in the human body, jawline fillers help you achieve your aesthetic, jawline-related goals.

Since hyaluronic acid naturally occurs in the body, it is safe to use. Hence, you don’t have to worry about getting complications after getting fillers. Just make sure you work with a highly qualified clinic.

Jawline fillers work mainly because of the hyaluronic acid found in them. HA binds with water. As a result, it serves as a shock absorber and lubricant. It also regulates the skin’s moisture balance. Lastly, HA is crucial to the transport of nutrients.

Thus, by raising the skin’s supply of HA, jawline fillers add volume to and contour your jawline.

Jawline fillers can also decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Hence, jawline fillers also act as an anti-ageing treatment. In fact, many of my patients get jawline fillers to look more youthful.

In addition, jawline fillers produce natural results. These results do not affect your facial expressions. They subtly control your aging appearance as well.

Interestingly, you can see some results immediately after a jawline filler enhancement. The rest of the results take time to show up since fillers take time to settle.

Issues Jawline Filler Solves

Jawline fillers can solve many issues. Here are the issues a jawline filler can solve:

1. Lower Facial Volume Loss

Aging often causes loss of volume on the lower face. However, this can result from excessive sun exposure, weight loss, and medical conditions as well.
As you age, the lower part of your face starts to lose its structural support. This is mainly because of collagen decline.

Collagen is a substance that supports your skin. It also keeps your skin’s youthful look. As it declines, your face loses its youthful look as well.

Fortunately, cosmetic doctors can restore volume on your lower face (specifically on your chin and jaw) using jawline fillers.

2. Prominent Jowls

Experts refer to the sagging skin below your chin or jawline as jowls. The majority of people develop prominent jowls as they age.

Jowls develop because your skin becomes thinner and less elastic as you age. However, some people develop more prominent jowls than others because of genetics, lifestyle choices, and environmental factors.

Fortunately, cosmetic doctors can get rid of prominent jowls using jawline fillers.

3. Former Surgical Procedure Issues

In some cases, a surgical procedure such as neck lift leaves features that look a little unsightly. Correcting these features usually does not require surgery. Hence, cosmetic practitioners can use jawline fillers to correct them.

Jawline fillers can make subtle changes to your jaw. As a result, you do not have to go through revision surgery to make minor changes.

A jawline filler treatment can restore volume and give you a more defined jawline.

4. Asymmetry

Another issue that chin and jawline fillers can solve is asymmetry.

Some people are born with asymmetrical chins and jawlines. Others get them because of severe trauma (e.g. injury). As a result, these people become less confident about themselves.

Jawline fillers can solve this by filling and changing the shape of one’s chin and jawline.

5. Less Defined Jawline

Genetics and aging mainly cause less defined jawlines. In some cases, people get less defined jawlines because they gain a lot of weight.

While most people think that they can only have defined jawlines through surgery, that’s not the case now. Thanks to advances in the cosmetic industry, doctors now use jawline fillers to give you a more defined jaw.

Jawline fillers are also commonly used for the chin and jowls.

Fillers Chin and Fillers for Jowls

Aside from jawline contouring, cosmetic practitioners also use jawline fillers as fillers chin and fillers for jowls.

Since the chin and jawline are connected to each other, the same type of fillers can be used on them. However, you have to be extremely careful when choosing a clinic to work with. If you live in London, working with the top skin clinics in London lets you achieve your goals safely.

Remember, cosmetic procedures are an investment in yourself. Hence, you must invest in treatments done by high-end clinics to avoid complications.

Jawline Contouring: The Process

Jawline contouring through a jawline filler usually does not take long. Here’s how the whole jawline contouring process typically goes:

The whole jawline contouring process takes less than an hour.

You need to consult an expert before getting a jaw filler treatment.

Before Jawline Contouring

You need to have a consultation with a cosmetic doctor before going through any cosmetic procedure. You can book a consultation with me here.

During the consultation, I will ask about your medical history, current health condition, and goals.

Based on the information you will give, I will then tell you whether a jawline filler treatment suits you or not. If it suits you, I will explain the risks and results you can expect.

If you agree with everything, you can then set an appointment for the treatment.

During Jawline Contouring

I will apply topical anaesthesia on the cleaned target area right before the procedure. Then, I will inject the jawline filler into the necessary points.

The amount of jawline filler needed depends on your goals. I follow a conservative approach when using fillers. It’s because one can always add more fillers, but not take them back.

A jawline filler treatment involves topical anaesthesia and injections.

A jawline filler treatment does not call for an overnight stay at the clinic.

After Jawline Contouring

After injecting the right amount of fillers, I will let you rest for some time. A jawline filler treatment does not require an overnight stay, so you can go home after we clear you.

You might experience some discomfort, swelling, and sensitivity after the procedure. However, these effects typically go away soon.

How Long Jawline Fillers Last

Jawline fillers usually last between 12 and 18 months. The exact duration varies per patient. In some cases, jawline fillers last for less than a year.


Jawline fillers are a miracle worker. They can give you a more defined jawline in a matter of minutes.

If you want to know exactly how a jawline filler treatment can help you, book a consultation with me now!

The results of a jawline filler treatment temporarily last.

The results of a jawline filler treatment temporarily last.

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