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What to expect with chin filler

Posted on August 6, 2020

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A chin that is disproportionate with the facial features have a huge impact on its shape and profile. Years ago, drastic surgery was the only way to correct or augment the chin and this could mean a spell in hospital, lengthy downtime and some considerable bruising, tenderness and recuperation at home.

Here at The Harley Street Face Clinic, led by Dr Julian De Silva, we offer both surgical methods to address the chin area as well as a non-surgical alternative for chin re-shaping and contouring, for those who wish to take a less invasive route. This non-surgical treatment takes several minutes and can last up to 18 months and uses dermal fillers to augment and re-shape the chin area.

Dermal fillers have been used for decades to enhance and re-shape tired, sunken and hollow areas of the face and in recent years, temporary hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers have paved the way to re-structure and lift certain features of the face that are imbalanced or asymmetrical.

Dermal fillers consist of a gel-like substance as well as HA, which holds up to 1000 times its own weight in water, making it a super-hydrator and supporter of the skin tissues.

When a heavy dermal filler (one that contains a cross-linking agent to make it more viscous and stable), is injected in to the chin, it forms a scaffold-like structure, re-shaping the area and acting like cartilage to support this feature. If you have a weak chin which does not match the side profile of your other facial features, dermal fillers can be used to bring the chin and jawline in to a more pleasing and balanced position. If you have a protruding chin crease below the lips (caused by tissue loss and sagging skin due to the ageing process), adding dermal fillers can subtly lift the skin and fill the crease, so as to soften the look of this area and reduce the look of a ‘witchy chin’ appearance.

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Am I suitable for chin fillers?

Most patients who are unhappy with their chin and are otherwise fit and well could benefit from a non-surgical chin augmentation using dermal fillers. However, it is important to discuss at length, your individual facial concerns, the results you’d like to achieve as well as any medical conditions or medications in an initial consultation here at The Harley Street Face Clinic. Without this initial meeting with Dr De Silva, the treatment simply couldn’t take place. We would need to know that you are fit, well and suitable for a dermal filler treatment for the chin area, as well as to explain about the procedure along with aftercare steps that are needed in order to achieve the very best result. This initial meeting is your chance to ask any questions that you may have and to really get a good understanding of the procedure and how to take care of yourself afterwards.

What happens during a chin treatment using dermal fillers?

When you return to the clinic for treatment, you’ll be asked to full in some standard consent forms. Once this formality is complete, you can lie back and relax in one of our treatment rooms.

A topical numbing cream, with a formulation unique to The Harley Street Face Clinic, will be applied to the areas to be treated. Once this has taken affect, an injectable numbing solution may also be used, to completely numb the area. When you are comfortable, Dr De Silva will inject small amounts of the dermal filler in to the areas of concern using a blunt ended needle called a cannula. This is a safer tool, as it minimises bruising and helps the practitioner to glide under the skin to the desired treatment area. Once the product has been injected, the practitioner will then shape, mould and massage the dermal filler in to a pleasing shape.

At The Harley Street Face Clinic, we use the ‘Phi Golden Ratio’ rule of facial balancing, pioneered by Dr De Silva, along with an artistic approach, depending on facial age, ethnicity and your desire for results. Once this has been achieved, you can leave the clinic and go home to recover.

chin fillers London
Chin filler Harley Street

What about aftercare?

Aftercare is fairly simple and straightforward and there is no clinical downtime to a dermal filler treatment for the chin. It is, however, important you follow this, to get the best results from your treatment.

You’ll need to avoid rubbing or touching the area for 24 hours post-treatment as well as avoid hot saunas or steam. You will also need to refrain from wearing makeup for around 4 hours post-treatment. You might experience some slight swelling and the odd spot of bruising but this is minimal and will subside quickly.
When will I see results?

As dermal fillers act as physical and physiological enhancers, the initial physical results will be seen immediately (some swelling may disguise the true results straight afterwards). As HA acts on the skin tissues and there is a trauma to the skin caused by the cannula, your skin will be hydrated over time as well as create more collagen in the weeks that follow the treatment, leading to better skin quality and a youthful glow.

How long do the results last?

Taking care of your skin, your general health and your diet will help to elongate the results, but expect them to last from 12 to 18 months. At this point, you can return to the clinic for another treatment to revitalise your look once more.

The beauty with non-surgical treatments such as these is that as your face changes over time, we can tailor each treatment to suit your facial structure and add or tweak anything we need to, so you obtain a natural result, every time.

Chin filler in London with Dr Julian De Silva at the Harley Street Face Clinic

Correcting features such as the chin need not always involve lengthy and invasive surgery. With today’s modern techniques using dermal fillers, we can achieve a more pleasing, natural result in minutes and that last for months on end.

You can book a consultation for chin filler at the Harley Street Face Clinic by contacting us today.

Dr. Julian De Silva, Medical Director

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Dr Julian De Silva is a leading facial plastic surgeon that specialises only in surgical and non-surgical facial procedures. Dr. De Silva has considerable experience in cosmetic and reconstructive facial surgery from fellowships in London, Los Angeles, and New York. He is one of a handful of elite surgeons to be recognised with British, European and American qualifications, memberships and board certification.

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