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Why choose dermal fillers for lip augmentation?

Over time, our lips tend to lose volume and can flatten with the loss of their original natural volume. They can start to soften and appear thinner with more fine lines around the lips.

Many of us are born with relatively small lips which can be out of balance or less flattering. Particularly for women, the lips can be a symbol of femininity and optimally shaped and volumised lips enhance natural beauty and attractiveness.

How is Optimal Lip Shape achieved?

Advanced dermal fillers can be used to enhance and re-volumise the lips, help replenish thinning, and work to build up more balanced lips. Although different HA-filler products can be used, several products have characteristics that particularly favour enhancing lips, for a flattering and natural look that lasts (including Voluma, Volbella, and Restylane).

At The Centre, we believe in natural rejuvenation with lips to suit your face. This means that for some patients treatment is also required in the area around your mouth.

Lips shrink with age and strengthening the top lip with subtle enhancement can improve the overall appearance of the lower part of the face. There are different types of results that can be achieved, such as lip enhancement and lip rejuvenation (lipstick bleed lines and drooping corners). Some patients may need to have more than one type of treatment to get the result they are looking for.

What does lip filler involve at The Centre?

Our team will use a numbing local anaesthesia cream to reduce discomfort from the procedure. It’s a proprietary cream designed for us in Beverly Hills and manufactured in Germany.

After this, a small anaesthetic injection is applied in the already numb area. The dermal filler is then used to augment the lips. Using ‘fast-healing techniques that utilise a cannula to administer the filler, side effects, such as swelling or bruising are minimised in most patients.

Dermal fillers can be used on other facial areas at the same time as you have your lips done to give an enhanced natural result. Thus, you could have your cheeks, chin, jawline, nasolabial folds, tear troughs and nose.

When will I see the results from lip fillers?

You can expect to see relatively ‘instant results’ with our filler treatments. Any minor swelling after filler treatment resolves overnight for most patients, but occasionally it may last for several days (in approximately 5% of people). There is a small possibility, (<2%) of a minor bruise, that will resolve over a few days.

We use the latest technologies to enhance recovery such as the ‘no-needle” cannula techniques that enhance recovery.

For most patients, the final results of lip augmentation with fillers will be evident approximately 5-days after the swelling subsides.

With our no-needle technique and choice of filler, you can expect results will last 18 – 24 months, although results may vary from patient to patient.

Will I look natural with lip fillers?

We are specialists in natural-looking results and believe in providing a natural augmentation of the lip area. Our aestheticians are experts in facial aesthetics and are renowned contributors in the media for their know-how of surgical and non-surgical techniques.

We use the latest techniques as well as innovations such as the Phi Golden Radio which we developed to apply the principles of harmony to the human face. Of key importance with filler rejuvenation for the lips is avoiding excessive filler use as this no longer looks natural or beautiful.

The application of filler in specific areas of the face differs depending on each individual’s facial characteristics. The application of lip filler is different in masculine and feminine faces. In women it is focused along the Phi Golden Ratio lines of the lips, in men, it focuses along the lines of the chin and jawline.

The application of the Phi Golden Ratio proportions in your lips includes a relative balance of 1 to 1.616 from the upper lip to the lower lip, i.e. the lower lip should be fuller than the upper lip.

If you have already had lip filler treatment that has been excessive it may be necessary to dissolve the existing filler or wait for the filler to resolve.

How long does a lip filler enhancement last?

How long your lip augmentation with dermal fillers will last will mostly depend on the viscosity of the dermal filler that is used as well as your own individual response to the product.

Here at The Harley Street Face Clinic, we only use clinically proven and FDA approved dermal fillers, for safety, longer-lasting results and a natural look. Depending on how your body metabolises the dermal filler product, you can expect results to last between 6 and 12 months. If you smoke, exercise excessively or frequently sunbathe excessively, the product will not last as long. At The Centre we advise using fillers in the first instance, we are also able to provide patients with surgical long-term enhancement.

What do dermal fillers for the lip do?

Dermal fillers for the lips instantly plump, hydrate and enhance the shape of your lips for a more youthful appearance. They are injected into either the vermillion border, the body of the lips or in some cases, both areas for a more dramatic change. There is a range of dermal fillers for the lips, some are more fluid than others. The more viscous and ‘thick’ the product, the more significant the enhancement with longer-lasting results. However, if you prefer a more subtle change with a softer feel, a less viscous product may better suit your requirements.

How long do dermal fillers for the lips take to work?

Results will be experienced straight away as the dermal filler will physically plump the lips. There will probably be some swelling, however, immediately after your treatment which can mask the true results of your lip filler treatment. The lips are incredibly sensitive and any injectable treatment will cause some swelling due to the trauma of the skin tissues in the lips, but this will ease in a day or so and is perfectly normal. The product can take up to 2 weeks to fully settle and soften within your lips. After such time, you may wish to return to the clinic for a top-up or balancing which might be required.

How often do you need to get a lip enhancement using dermal fillers?

The longevity of your results somewhat depends on your individual response to dermal fillers and how quickly your body will metabolise the product injected. Some lifestyle factors such as smoking, excessive sun exposure and regular strenuous exercise can impede the longevity of your results. Some dermal fillers are longer lasting as they are more viscous and contain a cross-linking agent, which stabilises the product and makes it bulkier and ‘thicker’. At The Harley Street Face Clinic, we use products that are proven to provide the highest safety records as well as exceptional performance. Most patients will experience results for at least 6 to 12 months, if not longer. We would not recommend having more than 2 treatments in a 12 month period.

Is there any downtime or aftercare required with a lip enhancement using dermal fillers?

You may have some swelling, tenderness and bruising following your treatment. However, this will ease in a day or so and will not prevent you from undertaking your normal everyday activities. Less than 5% of patients may notice may swelling in the lips that subsites after five days. Aftercare will include avoiding saunas, hot baths, steam or excessive exercise for 24 hours post-procedure, as well as avoiding rubbing or touching the area for at least 48 hours. You may wish to rest on the day of your procedure to enable your lips to settle and for the swelling to be minimised.

What, if any, are the possible side effects of lip fillers?

On extremely rare occasions there may be an allergic reaction to the product. This tends to happen however when the treatment has been administered by non-medics using counterfeit or ‘cheap’ lip fillers. At The Harley Street Face Clinic, we only use FDA approved, tested and proven dermal fillers, renowned for their safety records, their purity and their stability and all our practitioners are medically qualified. On rare occasions there can be a serious issue with fillers to the lips, resulting in prolonged swelling and recovery. For this reason, it is important to see a specialist who has knowledge of the underlying anatomy of the face and how to avoid these issues. At The Harley Street Face Clinic, our practitioners are medically qualified to administer the treatment safely, there are multiple important steps that are necessary to ensure a good result free of issues. More often, some slight swelling, bruising and tenderness may be experienced for 24 to 48 hours after your dermal filler lip treatment, but this is very normal and can be treated with an ice pack and arnica gel to speed up the healing process.

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