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Our diet, lifestyle, and the passing of time all affect the appearance of our skin.

LED therapy

Acne, eczema, and dark spots can also create an unpleasant look, not to mention the fact that some of these can develop into serious dermatological issues. The good news is that LED therapy allows you to address spots and other imperfections while restoring your skin’s youthful appearance through a natural, non-invasive approach.

Dr De Silva is a board-certified plastic surgeon and one of the leading specialists in facial procedures, including LED therapy treatments at his Harley Street Face Clinic in London. He has mastered both surgical and non-surgical techniques and is committed to providing patients with beautiful, natural-looking results. Furthermore, Dr De Silva is one of the few specialists in the world to have received qualifications that are recognised in Europe, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

What is LED therapy?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) therapy is a type of non-invasive treatment that employs light-emitting diodes for a variety of aesthetic and medical purposes. This type of light therapy has been around for some time and it is suitable for people of all ages and skin tones. It can also be combined with other procedures, including facials and radiofrequency treatment without any risk of a negative reaction.

Some of the benefits of choosing this type of light therapy include:

  • Boosting elastin and collagen production
  • Supporting cell detoxification
  • Strengthening skin
  • Increasing blood circulation
  • Improving skin hydration

If you want to get the best-LED therapy in London, you should work with a board-certified specialist such as Dr De Silva, who has a proven track record using non-invasive methods that still produce great, natural-looking results.

Conditions that can be treated with LED therapy

Skin conditions can affect any part of the body. Luckily, LED therapy at Harley Street Face Clinic can be used to effectively address a variety of different conditions without the need for invasive procedures. These include:

  • Increased skin sensitivity
  • Itchy skin due to psoriasis
  • Eczema
  • Redness caused by rosacea

In addition to the list above, LED therapy with Dr De Silva on Harley Street in London can accelerate wound healing, rejuvenate the skin, and help reduce noticeable scars. This depends on the wavelength of the light being used, so finding a reliable expert in skincare will improve the chances of getting great results.

Client Reviews

"The procedure that I had with Dr De Silva went very well and I am happy with the results. Dr De Silva and his team spent a lot of time with me: they were good listeners and their answers gave me a lot of reassurance."


"I always felt well looked after and I'm very happy with the results. The entire experience was premium from initial consultation to follow ups. I would recommend paying more to be confident in the safety of your procedure."


"The whole process from start to finish has been outstanding. Dr Julian De Silva acted professionally from the outset, he listened very carefully to what I wanted and most importantly, delivered the best results I could have possibly asked for."



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