How to Get a Stronger Chin With Cosmetic Procedures

Oct 18, 2022



Description: A stronger chin is something many people desire but usually don’t have.

Thanks to cosmetic procedures, you can now get a stronger, more attractive chin.

But how exactly does this work? What cosmetic procedures can you choose from?

In this article, I will talk about how you can get a stronger chin using cosmetic procedures. I will also answer the most frequently asked questions about them.

What Causes a Weak Chin?

There are many factors that cause a weak chin. Here are they:


Many people are born with a weak chin and jawline. The condition is usually inherited.


Another main factor causing a weak chin is ageing. The natural ageing process causes the following, which leads to a weak chin:

Weak neck muscles

As you age, your neck muscles become weaker. As a result, they appear saggy and make a weak chin more noticeable.

Weak jaw muscles

Just like your neck muscles, your jaw muscles weaken as you age. This makes them look saggy, giving your chin muscles a pulled-down look. As a result, your chin looks weak.

Weak facial muscles

Your facial muscles also contribute to a weak chin. They emphasise your weak chin, making it easily noticeable.

Other Ways to Get a Defined and Muscular Jawline


Here’s how you can get a chiseled jawline:

Non-Surgical Options

Non-surgical options are best for patients who have mild to moderate weakness on the jawline. They also work well for those who have a mildly well-defined chin and chiseled jawline.

Dermal Fillers

Your bony angle and mandible get enhanced by injecting dermal fillers to the jawline. This works best for those who are “almost there” but do not have a sharp jawline that everyone sees.

If you get fillers for a more defined and muscular jawline, you’ll usually need one to four syringes of dermal fillers. However, the exact amount is based on your condition and how defined your jawline is. The results are immediate and should last about one year or so, depending on the chin and jawline fillers used.


Botox in London can be injected directly into the masseter muscles of your face. Doing so will slim down your overall facial shape. It can also give your chin and jaw more of a V-like shape.

Thinning out the masseter muscle typically calls for a significant amount of Botox, about 30 to 60 units of Botox per side, to achieve noticeable results. These results for four to six months, depending on your body.


Jawline contouring can also be done via Kybella (deoxycholic acid).

This acid can melt mildly excess fat. Depending on how much fat you have in your jaw, you will need about one to six vials of Kybella. Moreover, the results are permanent if you don’t gain or entail losing weight. It’s because the fat on your facial muscles is physically melted.


Threads can be placed around your jowls to give you a strong, commanding jawline. You’ll likely need four to eight threads, depending on how big your jowls are and how loose your skin is. These threads generally last for six to 12 months.

Surgical Options

Surgical options fit patients who have moderate to severe amounts of fat and loose skin around the chin and jawline areas.

Neck Liposuction

If you have fat beneath your skin and not your neck muscles, neck liposuction can help give you a chiselled jawline.

The procedure removes fat and gives you a more chiselled jaw. Depending on the technology used, you might have to undergo skin tightening with liposuction as well. Results can last for up to a lifetime, given that you don’t gain weight.

Neck Lift

A neck lift can also give you a jawline that looks like a naturally bold jaw. During the treatment, incisions near your ear and behind your ear are made. Then, the doctor will make incisions under your chin.

Next, the skin is lifted up to reveal your front neck muscles, fat, and other supporting structures. The incisions are then closed once everything is in place.

A neck lift allows the most access to your muscles. Hence, it offers the best long-term results, as manipulating your neck structures can give you a sharp jawline.

Jaw Enhancement Surgery

Jawline enhancement surgery, also sometimes called orthognathic surgery, reshapes your jaw and chin. It can be used to give you the perfect jaw or simply enhance your mildly strong jawline.

Moreover, surgery can reduce the size of your bone, so your chin has a slimmer look. It also focuses on the jaw area, particularly the back of your jaw. The procedure can also smooth out protrusions, giving you the perfect jawline.

Chin Implant

Another surgical option for a more defined jawline is a chin implant. This treatment involves putting an implant around your natural chin to produce a stronger and sharper jaw.

Chin implants can be used to reshape and make the appearance of the chin more pronounced. The implant adheres to your bone, enhancing your jaw definition.

How Dermal Fillers Will Improve Your Jawline


They are most suitable for mild to moderate jawline issues due to the price and nature of the results. Depending on the condition of your jaw, you will need multiple syringes of dermal fillers.

Certain kinds of dermal fillers can also cause chin lifts to occur. These fillers are often used along with jawline fillers to produce a more youthful appearance and defined jawline.

Ideal Chin Shape

Every patient of mine is curious about the ideal chin after hearing so much about it. So, I’ll explain the ideal chin shape here.

Generally speaking, the ideal chin shape usually comes in an oval form and a concave turn, It also sits almost immediately beneath the outermost portion of the lower lip.

A chin with the ideal amount of protrusion can also make the nose appear smaller because it balances out all other characteristics. Since the chin, nose, and lips are so near to one another, improving your chin can also improve the appearance of your lips. If your chin is out of proportion, the nose may also appear smaller or larger.

Jawline Exercises


However, there is no concrete scientific proof that they work. In some cases, however, they can help tone down jaw pain and neck strain.

Here are some facial exercises for a defined jawline:

  1. Neck Curl-Up

A neck curl-up is similar to an abdominal curl or crunch that helps reduce body fat. In this case, this helps with chin and neck fat. Since they work neck muscles, you must proceed slowly and stop if you experience neck pain.

Here’s how you can do this set of jaw exercises:

Step 1: Place your tongue against the roof of your mouth while you lay on your back.

Step 2: As your tongue is in the roof of your mouth, lift your head two to three inches off the ground, bringing your chin to your chest. Slowly bring your head back down.

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for 10 to 15 times more, or until you feel satisfied.

  1. Chin-Up

The chin-up is a set of jaw exercises that lifts the facial muscles in the lower half of your face, including your chin and jaw. It can also be done as an enduring exercise. In some cases, chin-ups can prevent neck pain.

Step 1: Close your mouth.

Step 2: Slowly push your jaw forward with your mouth closed.

Step 3: Then, put your low lip up. Push up until you feel muscles in your jaw and chin stretch.

Step 4: Stay in this position for 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat the exercise as much as you can.

  1. Tongue Twister

The tongue twister is a set of facial exercises that target the muscles below your chin. Its main goal is to tone the jawline.

Step 1: Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Step 2: With your tongue pressed, create tension.

Step 3: Hum to make a vibrating sound as if you’re doing tongue twisters.

Why Patients Seek a Stronger Chin


However, a strong, commanding jawline depends on a lot of factors, including several individual genetic factors and ageing.

In addition, men can have the same level of dissatisfaction with their appearance that women do as they age. The only difference is that there’s less discussion about it.

Men are also subject to the same effects of gravity and time. As a result, their chins become weaker.

Fat deposits move lower, the facial skin loses its flexibility, and wrinkles and creases alter the appearance of the face. The negative effects will gradually start to affect middle-aged men.

These leave them with sagging jowls, a double chin, and numerous other undesirable issues around the chin, jaw, and neck. For these reasons, patients want stronger chins.

Chin Filler, Botox, Facetite Results

This section some before and after photos of my patients.

Chin Filler Results


Hyaluronic acid fillers, which are frequently used on the face, are good and safe but soft and gel-like. This makes them unsuitable for defining the jawline.

The combination of calcium-based filler and hyaluronic acid that we created at my Harley Street Clinic gives the jawline an improved definition by further using calcium as a substance to stimulate the bone. Additionally, the filler lasts for 12 to 18 months.


This woman wanted to restore her beautiful jawline without surgery because she had loose skin. She visited the Harley Street Face Clinic to learn about her non-surgical and surgical choices.

She was found to have loose skin and an unnatural jawline. She was considering surgical choices, including face and neck lifts, but she chose a non-surgical option.

As you can see in the after photo, her jawline became more defined. Her chin also looked better, improving her overall face shape.


For many years, this male patient had disliked his tiny chin. Plus, his face gives off a less appealing and frail aspect caused by a small chin and a weak jawline. Thankfully, his facial harmony and balance may be achieved with chin and jawline fillers.

When examining a person’s side profile, the chin should line up with a vertical line drawn through the philtrum. Doing so also makes me see chin insufficiency (the junction between the nose and upper lip). At my clinic, we combine fillers to improve the proportions and balance of the face.

As you can see in the after photo, his chin became more masculine. The patient was so happy with the results of the treatment. His confidence also increased, allowing him to take on life in a better way.

Botox Results

This patient’s forehead lines have been bothering her. She went to my clinic to get rid of them. As you can see in the after photo, her forehead lines are gone. She felt happy and satisfied with the results.


This patient also suffered from severe forehead lines. After the Botox procedure, her forehead became smoother. She also looked refreshed and more alive.


This woman was suffering from deep frown lines that make her look grumpy even if she was not. As a result, she looked for cosmetic treatments to eliminate them. After her Botox treatment, she looked more alive and cheerful. It also increased her confidence and self-esteem.


This patient suffered from crow’s feet. After the Botox procedure, the area around her eyes became smoother. Her eyes also looked more alive, giving her a more youthful appearance.


This patient was extremely bothered because of his crow’s feet. After the Botox treatment, his crow’s feet are gone. His eyes also looked refreshed and more alive, giving him a more youthful appearance.

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